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Under 10 Open

This event was sponsored by the Koshnitsky family.

Congratulations to Christopher Lim (VIC) who is the new Australian Under 10 Open Champion after defeating Ruicheng Wang 1.5-0.5 in a playoff!


1st Christopher Lim (VIC)
2nd Ruicheng Wang (VIC) (prize-money sponsored by Glenn Carty Orthodontics)
3rd Benjamin Hurst (WA)

No Name                   Feder Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9  

1  Lim, Christopher       VIC   1246 7.5   39:W 18:W 11:D  2:W  5:D  6:W  4:W 10:W  3:D
2  Wang, Ruicheng         VIC   875  7.5   35:W 26:W 10:D  1:L 16:W 20:W  5:W  4:W  6:W
3  Hurst, Benjamin        WA    1418 7     37:W 20:W  7:W  6:W  4:L 18:W 10:D 11:W  1:D
4  Young, Dashiell        QLD   814  6.5   47:W 24:W 21:W  5:W  3:W 10:D  1:L  2:L 13:W
5  Chen, Lachlan          VIC   1004 6.5   30:W 13:W 12:W  4:L  1:D 14:W  2:L 15:W 11:W
6  Leibert, Xander        NSW   871  6     43:W  9:W 19:W  3:L 15:W  1:L 20:W  7:W  2:L
7  Soetanto, Brandon      VIC   833  6     34:W 32:W  3:L  8:L 40:W 24:W 18:W  6:L 10:W
8  Moss, Jasper           QLD   465  6     16:L 27:W 34:W  7:W 20:L  9:W 12:L 21:W 19:W
9  Burrows, Oscar         NSW   306  6     51:W  6:L 24:L 34:W 22:W  8:L 32:W 20:W 18:W
10 Jiang, Michael         VIC   577  5.5   28:W 22:W  2:D 21:W 11:W  4:D  3:D  1:L  7:L
11 Jassal, Xavier         VIC   844  5.5   49:W 33:W  1:D 25:W 10:L 12:W 21:W  3:L  5:L
12 Bracks, Sebastian      NSW   656  5.5   27:W 40:W  5:L 23:D 41:W 11:L  8:W 13:L 25:W
13 Hu, Timothy Tianmeng   VIC   357  5.5   42:W  5:L 28:W 19:L 29:W 15:D 24:W 12:W  4:L
14 Sen, Derin             NSW   488  5.5   22:L 41:W 44:W 24:D 23:W  5:L 16:W 19:D 17:D
15 Ross, Jesse            NSW   466  5.5   31:L 46:W 35:W 22:W  6:L 13:D 38:W  5:L 24:W
16 Wang, Alexander        NSW        5.5    8:W 25:L 33:D 43:W  2:L 31:W 14:L 30:W 26:W
17 Lee, Elliott           ACT   526  5.5   24:L 47:W 25:L 49:W 27:L 41:W 33:W 22:W 14:D
18 Chiverton, Fergus      VIC   497  5     36:W  1:L 40:W 32:W 19:W  3:L  7:L 31:W  9:L
19 Luo, Ramon             ACT   633  5     46:W 31:W  6:L 13:W 18:L 38:D 25:W 14:D  8:L
20 Rumley, William        ACT   522  5     29:W  3:L 39:W 26:W  8:W  2:L  6:L  9:L 36:W
21 Badrinarayan, Siddhant ACT   968  5     44:W 23:W  4:L 10:L 39:W 27:W 11:L  8:L 34:W
22 Sooriyaarachchi, Nuwin SA         5     14:W 10:L 42:W 15:L  9:L 37:W 23:W 17:L 35:W
23 Su, Orlando            NSW   463  5     45:W 21:L 49:W 12:D 14:L 33:D 22:L 38:W 31:W
24 Nguyen, Trung Hoang    ACT        4.5   17:W  4:L  9:W 14:D 25:W  7:L 13:L 39:W 15:L
25 Lee, Victor            NSW   230  4.5   41:D 16:W 17:W 11:L 24:L 43:W 19:L 27:W 12:L
26 Cordover, Elijah       VIC   292  4.5   38:W  2:L 29:W 20:L 31:L 40:W 27:D 28:W 16:L
27 Ilka, William          QLD        4.5   12:L  8:L 48:W 42:W 17:W 21:L 26:D 25:L 38:W
28 Maskell, Charlie       ACT        4.5   10:L 37:W 13:L 30:D 33:L 47:W 29:W 26:L 39:W
29 Saric, Sergey          VIC        4.5   20:L 30:W 26:L 35:W 13:L 39:D 28:L 48:W 40:W
30 Burks, Tommy           SA         4.5    5:L 29:L 45:W 28:D 43:L 48:W 41:W 16:L 42:W
31 Steinman, Joshua       ACT        4     15:W 19:L 32:L 44:W 26:W 16:L 42:W 18:L 23:L
32 Diao, Yizhen           ACT   201  4     48:W  7:L 31:W 18:L 38:L 36:W  9:L 34:L 43:W
33 Dharmapuri, Kundan     WA    197  4     50:W 11:L 16:D 41:L 28:W 23:D 17:L 36:L 45:W
34 Goris, Daniel          NSW        4      7:L 48:W  8:L  9:L 37:L 52:W 44:W 32:W 21:L
35 Dixon, Luke            NSW        4      2:L 38:W 15:L 29:L 36:L 46:W 37:W 42:W 22:L
36 Smallridge, Damian     SA         4     18:L 42:L 50:W 39:L 35:W 32:L 47:W 33:W 20:L
37 Ho, Lachlan            ACT   180  4      3:L 28:L 43:L 45:W 34:W 22:L 35:L 46:W 44:W
38 Weston, Rhys           ACT        3.5   26:L 35:L 46:W 51:W 32:W 19:D 15:L 23:L 27:L
39 Mahaarachchi, Tiran    QLD   174  3.5    1:L 45:W 20:L 36:W 21:L 29:D 43:W 24:L 28:L
40 Burt, Jack             NSW   139  3.5    0:W 12:L 18:L 52:W  7:L 26:L 45:D 41:W 29:L
41 Yap, Jonathan          NSW        3.5   25:D 14:L 51:W 33:W 12:L 17:L 30:L 40:L 48:W
42 Swan, Luca             ACT   279  3     13:L 36:W 22:L 27:L 49:W 44:W 31:L 35:L 30:L
43 Downing, Harry         VIC        3      6:L 51:D 37:W 16:L 30:W 25:L 39:L 45:D 32:L
44 Byrnes, Ryan           NSW        3     21:L 52:W 14:L 31:L 46:W 42:L 34:L 50:W 37:L
45 Wang, Yuzhi            NSW        3     23:L 39:L 30:L 37:L 50:W 49:W 40:D 43:D 33:L
46 Longland, Jeremy       ACT        3     19:L 15:L 38:L 50:W 44:L 35:L 51:W 37:L 52:W
47 Guo, Serina            ACT        3      4:L 17:L 52:L 48:D 51:W 28:L 36:L 49:D 50:W
48 Yeniceri, Uzay         ACT        2.5   32:L 34:L 27:L 47:D 52:W 30:L 49:W 29:L 41:L
49 Goodwill, Oskar        ACT        2.5   11:L 50:W 23:L 17:L 42:L 45:L 48:L 47:D 51:W
50 Zhuang, Jia (Jack)     ACT        2     33:L 49:L 36:L 46:L 45:L 51:W 52:W 44:L 47:L
51 Wang, Luke             ACT        1.5    9:L 43:D 41:L 38:L 47:L 50:L 46:L 52:W 49:L
52 Wang, Ian Rong         ACT        1      0:L 44:L 47:W 40:L 48:L 34:L 50:L 51:L 46:L